leolo IT

Simply Smarter

Every database and data warehouse user had to make a choice: the security of an in-house Informix or DB2 database or the convenience, scalability and high availability of a cloud based database solution?
No more!

Leolo DMS is the new smart way to offload database administration of in-house Informix or DB2 implementations.

Leolo DMS will free up training and personnel resources while increasing your database availability and integrity. Achieve substantial cost reductions without giving up the security of your in-house database and the convenience of dedicated FTS* support.

Simply Faster

Leolo DMS can be available 24/7 for the most mission critical systems with maximum response times of 30 minutes and optional dedicated VIP phone numbers.

The included FTS* support and advanced monitoring with automated incident generation guarantee ultimate data integrity and maximum availability.

Simply Better

Don’t give up the security of your in-house Informix or DB2 implementation! Leolo DMS provides cost effective, full administration services through proactive database monitoring -and maintenance while
achieving substantial cost reductions through remote proactive monitoring.

Be smarter, more productive and more flexible with leolo DMS.


Still Wondering?


Why not go with the cloud?

The number one reason for not hosting your data in the cloud are legal requirements depending on your country’s data privacy and data retention laws. Many different laws preclude you from entrusting your – or your clients data – to obscure servers outside of the protections of your jurisdiction. Many clients prefer to have total control over the data assets which can only be achieved by in-house hosting.

How secure is Leolo DMS?

All Leolo staff is regularly re-certified for security clearance as required by German and European governmental regulations.
This and constant re-training guarantees the highest standards of  data security and integrity while working with your databases.

What service level can I achieve with Leolo DMS?

We offer several optionally priced service levels with response times ranging from 30 minutes during business hours to 24/7 on-site service, by all ITIL certified Leolo staff.