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Ifcdc Applications: Competently Simple

  • Provide DB data change extractions as flatfiles for use on other systems.
  • Data change auditing
  • DB Object activity analytics

Ifcdc: How it works


Ifcdc Features

  • ifcdc uses the Informix CDC API (IDS 11.50 FC3 and higher)
  • Automatic installation and self-test
  • Unlimited Ifcdc instances
  • Free configuration of tables, columns and column order in the output file.
  • Configurable output file size
  • Unique reverse identifier for the change record in the DB server log through LSN
  • Very low impact on the running DB system through pure logfile snooping
  • Only writes committed transactions
  • Elimination of redundant data change records in the output file
  • Includes the type of operation for every data change record
  • Permanent or cyclical ifcdc demon activity with automatic reentry point
  • Perform deferred data analytics for all active logs and tables with “full row logging”