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With IFDDT, you can optimize your database, automate many administrative tasks and support application development. The IFDDT has been developed since 1995, focusing on the support of the Informix Database Server. Since 2003, it offers functions for Oracle and DB2 too.

IFDDT Highlights

Fast data reorganization

You can use IFDDT to reorganize huge databases safely and rapidly. The database schema could be created in seconds even with thousands of tables, and due to its scalability the entire hardware is used, allowing a very short blocking of the source databases. Parallelization options are available for loading and for direct table copying. Even referential constraints and statistics can be implicitly copied so much of the post processing can be eliminated.

IFDDT 3.4x at a Glance

IFDDT 3.4x is available for the Informix V4 to 10, for Oracle 9+10 and for DB2 Viper on Solaris, AIX, HP-UX and Linux.

  • Fastest database and table reorganization through parallel runs– Calculation of extent sizes, as well as versatile DbSpace Mapping functions to minimize administrative tasks
  • Table reorganization available based on table names, owner, or Db position
  • Reorganization through unload/load or copy processing
  • Scalable unload/load or copy process for fast reorganization of large databases
  • Optimized data conversion on database, table, or column level
  • Streamlined database-to-database migration on various Informix versions
  • Constraints system without subsequent validation of existing values in integrated environments
  • Copy and backup/restore of optimizer statistics for faster recovery after maintenance outage